Soap-Making Demonstration Class

Posted: 15 November 2014

On 1st November 2014, Disabled People’s Association (DPA) held a soap-making demonstration class at DPA’s office from 10am to 12pm. A total of 23 people participated in this event, including members, volunteers and staff. The class was run by a social enterprise called SOHO Nature, which was set up to empower individuals with the ability to run their own home based businesses, and to assist marginalised communities in society to be able to have better lives.

During the class, two SOHO Nature trainers, Keith Ong and Ken Ong, gave participants an introduction to handmade soaps, the ingredients needed to make the soap and taught participants the techniques of making handmade soaps. Everyone was invited to try a hand at making soaps and some of the participants even brought home their own handmade soaps for free. The class then ended with a Q&A session. After the class, the participants enjoyed a light lunch and mingling session.

The success of the soap-making demonstration class encouraged SOHO Nature to offer another class on aromatherapy for free for DPA members, staff and volunteers.

Click here to find out more about the upcoming aromatherapy class. For those interested, please contact DPA at or call us at 67911134 by 12 December 2014.

SADeaf Sign Language Week & the International Week of the Deaf 2014 celebration

Posted: 1 October 2014

On 28 September Disabled People’s Association (DPA) attended an event organised by Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) in celebration of Sign Language week and the International Week of the Deaf 2014. From 22-28 September SADeaf were at Vivo City raising awareness about Sign Language, assistive technology, sports and employment for persons who are hard of hearing. On 28 September SADeaf held an awards ceremony highlighting the achievements of students who are deaf and the teachers who have supported them along their educational journey. DPA joined in the festivities, which included a game of charades (with no sign language help/cheating!) and a basic sign language class that even included how to sign some Singlish expressions. The event had a relaxed atmosphere and drew in large crowds of shoppers. DPA would like to commend SADeaf, who is an institutional member of DPA, for organising a fun as well as thought-provoking event.  (more…)

Apa Itu Activist?

Posted: 1 October 2014

On 20 September 2014 Disabled People’s Association (DPA) attended a forum on Civil Society, Action and Advocacy held at the National University of Singapore. ‘Apa Itu Activist?’: A Forum on Civil Society Action & Advocacy’ was jointly organised by Kokila Annamalai, Izyanti Asa’ari, Kirsten Han, Corinna Lim, Jolene Tan,  Jolovan Wham and Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association (YIRPA). 

There were local and international speakers from diverse backgrounds, sectors and professions addressed  varied topics ranging from how to engage with policy makers to effect change in your community, how to connect with the public using social media to discussing recent advocacy activism stories in Singapore and in other Asian countries. 

Attendees were truly representative of Singapore with students, civil servants, members and staff of voluntary welfare organisations members, journalists, bloggers, academics and lawyers participating in the lively and engaging discussions.  (more…)

Disabled People’s Association and Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore and Joint Flag Day 6 September 2014

Posted: 29 September 2014

On Saturday 6 September 2014 Disabled People’s Association (DPA) and Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) held a Joint Flag Day. Over 900 volunteers turned up and collected donations at 10 collection centres across Singapore. The Flag Day was a culmination of 3 months of hard work from both organisations and the outcome made all the effort well worth it. DPA and MDAS recruited volunteers from secondary schools, junior colleges, tertiary institutions, disability organisations and companies who joined other civic-minded members of the community to work together to raise money for both organisations. Volunteers were not only Flag sellers, but also helped prepare tins, pack boxes and on the day provided logistical support and counted money for us. Volunteers also partnered persons with disabilities to sell Flags together. (more…)

DPA 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Posted: 19 September 2014

Disabled People’s Association (DPA) 2013-2014 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, 16 September. Members came early to enjoy a pre-AGM buffet dinner and mingling session. At 7:15pm DPA’s Honorary Secretary, Mrs Chang Siew Ngoh, called for the meeting to start. A total of 29 people were in attendance, including volunteers, members and staff and there were enough DPA members present to satisfy quorum requirements.

DPA’s President, Mr Nicholas Aw, started the meeting off by briefing the members on the key events of the past financial year, as well as on the Association’s future projects. Following which, the office bearers and the members confirmed the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting and adopted the Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts for 2013-2014.  (more…)

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