ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF)

Posted: 22 December 2017

From the 11th to 14th of December, Sumita Kunashakaran (Advocacy Executive) from the Disabled People’s Association hopped over the South China Sea to attend the ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF) conference and capacity building exercise in Manila together with our other ASEAN counterparts. The first couple of days (11th and 12th of December) consisted of a conference where participants had the opportunity to witness a beautiful opening ceremony presented by the choir from the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB), and an address by the Vice President of Philippines, Ms Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo herself. Ms Robredo spoke about how continued collaborations and the work that ASEAN does together has gone a long way in making Manila more inclusive for Persons-With-Disabilities (PWDs). However, she was also quick to highlight that the journey was still long from being over. (more…)

Immersion Visit 2017

Posted: 22 December 2017

DPA collaborated with Common Purpose for the project ‘Immersion Visit 2017’. Common Purpose is a not-for-profit leadership development organisation that specialises in cross-boundary leadership. On 12 December 2017, DPA conducted a training session on ‘Inclusion of persons with disabilities in Singapore’ for students from various universities. DPA conducted this training as a part of the Global Leader Experience (GLE) initiative of Common Purpose which aims to develop leaders who can contribute to build inclusive societies. Seventeen students from different universities of Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore attended this session.

During the interaction session, our Inclusion Ambassadors Esmond, Margaret and Timothy shared about importance of promoting inclusion of persons with disabilities. Margaret shared her experience and also emphasised that inclusion is not charity. To her, inclusion is about making sure that everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to the best of their abilities and desires. Esmond expounded on how we can encourage interaction between persons with and without disabilities to develop better understanding, promoting inclusiveness. Timothy highlighted the significant role played by leaders in enabling persons with disabilities to reach their full potential contributing to building inclusive world. During the discussion, the team compared the accessibility features and best practices of different countries. The session provided great learning experience for the participants and ended on a joyful note when Esmond sang the song ‘Five Hundred Miles’ by Justin Timberlake. (more…)

Christmas Celebration with Great Eastern Life

Posted: 8 December 2017

The Christmas season is around the corner and we were feeling the festive spirit here at DPA too as 18 volunteers from Great Eastern Life took time out to enjoy the holidays with our members!

Together with their children, the Great Eastern volunteers arrived bright and early on 17 November to decorate the event room with balloons and streamers, in hope of welcoming and bringing good cheer to our members.

Once all members arrived, the celebrations kick-started with a quick round of ice-breakers where both members and volunteers had to guess various disability symbols. Following which, members and volunteers tried their hand at Christmas craft activities, making Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments and Paper Snowflake Cutouts. Assistance was rendered to one another, whether it was in the aspect of creative juices or nimble fingers. And what is a Christmas celebration without a Christmas jingle? Keng Ying, our Deaf friend, taught everyone song-signing to “Jingle Bells”. Joyous chatter and laughter filled the air throughout the morning! (more…)

Disability in the City – Sharing Session for Students from Paris

Posted: 20 November 2017

On 13 November 2017, DPA conducted a disability awareness talk for students from the Paris Engineering School (EIVP), based in Paris, France. These twenty five engineering students visited Singapore as a part of their study trip “Disability in the City”. The project aims to identify good practices abroad and draw inspiration from them to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of persons with disabilities in France. As a part of this project, other students of their class will visit Lille, Namur, Montreal, Quebec City, Rome, and Milan.

Our Inclusion Ambassadors Navin and Timothy discussed about the barriers they faced in their daily lives and shared their experiences. Timothy spoke about disabilities and urban planning. Navin highlighted the importance of developing an inclusive city model, taking all disabilities into account. One of the participants, Najat El Akrouche, and her team also shared the inclusive features in Paris and the good practices set up by some other cities. The session was engaging and enriching as it helped all the participants to learn. This study leads to a final report where students will propose solutions to improve access for people with disabilities. Furthermore, a public conference will be organised in January 2018 at the school to present the results of the study. (more…)

Harkin Summit, Washington D.C & Gallaudet University

Posted: 20 November 2017

On 1st and 2nd November 2017, Disabled People’s Association travelled across the world to attend the 2nd Harkin Summit in Washington DC. The Summit that took place over 2 days was truly an eye opening experience. DPA representatives, Marissa Lee Medjeral-Mills (Executive Director), and Sumita Kunashakaran (Advocacy Executive) heard insights from companies such as Microsoft and Walgreens on their hiring practices, as well as the paradigm shifts they went through in order to make their industries more inclusive.

There were also keynote speakers such as Dr Johnetta Cole (from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art) who found common ground between the Civil Rights Movement and current disability advocacy pushes, and Hon. Mike Lake (MP for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin, Canada) who presented alongside his autistic son and talked about the need for a global autism network. (more…)

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