Christmas Hampers Project 2008

Posted: 20 December 2008

The UBS AG approached DPA and arranged a Christmas and New Year Hamper project. UBS wanted to give away holiday hampers to its clients and at the same time contribute to DPA. The hampers were made by Greeting Cuts, the flower shop owned by Ms. Maggie Tan of Accurate Business Management. She has been engaged to provide accounting services to DPA. The project employed a DPA member, Mr Syed Muhammad Luqman, to help make the hampers for a month.  (more…)

Refurbished PCs to Batam School

Posted: 15 June 2008

It was a hot June day but the assembly of pupils sitting on the school grounds didn’t mind the scorching heat.They eagerly awaited their gracious benefactors who promised to come bearing gifts-their school personal computers.  (more…)

Roundtable Discussion

Posted: 18 April 2008

A Roundtable Discussion was held on 18 April 2008 at the Activity Rooms 1 and 2 of OnePeople.Sg.

It focused on four topics:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Accessible Tourism
  • DPA’s appeal for the full waiver of the Foreign Domestic Worker Levy.  (more…)

Fundraising Flag Day 2008

Posted: 12 April 2008

DPA was able to enlist the help of students from 35 schools working on two overlapping shifts (1100 – 1700 hrs and 1200 to 1800 hrs) to raise $91,662.66 on the Flag Day on 12 April 2008. These included 300 student volunteers from St. Patrick’s Secondary School who collected the donations and students from St Joseph’s Institution who worked hard and smart to label 4,200 collection cans within six hours on the eve of Flag Day. DPA would like to thank their respective teachers-in-charge, Mr. Ng Chong Jin and Ms Lee Siew Lian, for motivating their students to play their part in helping DPA. Despite a short 20 – minute shower at the start of the first shift of the Flag Day, the student’s spirit was not dampened.

Evening of Music and Poetry 2007

Posted: 14 December 2007

DPA organised an Evening of Music and Poetry on 14 December 2007 in celebration of the International Day for Disabled Persons(IDDP). The spotlight shone on people with disabilities from various disability organisations who exhibited their artistic abilities and talents.

In conjunction with this annual event, DPA also launched its ZoCards which featured the award-winning print advertisements by Mr James Chua of Ace: Daytons Advertising (International) Pte Ltd. Each of the three designs used, highlights the physical and attitudinal barriers people with disabilities face every day in life. (more…)

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