Disability Awareness Training for Trainers, OALC

Posted: 8 October 2017

On 11 October, DPA conducted disability awareness training and experiential activities for trainers from MOE’s Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. Our Inclusion Ambassadors Margaret, Rosie and James interacted with the participants and led them through the experiential activities.

As part of the session, Rosie took the participants to the world of Braille. They made Braille bookmarks with sentences of their choice. The participants were thrilled and greatly enjoyed the hands-on craft session where they created a little souvenir to take home; a souvenir that reminds them of inclusion! By attending this training, the participants gained the realistic experience of the richness that inclusion brings to our lives; how inclusion supports us in our everyday lives, connecting us to ourselves and others, and how it enables us to live better lives. (more…)

White Cane Community Day – Guide Dogs Can Lah

Posted: 6 October 2017

On 30 September 2017, DPA team was at ‘’White Cane Community Day – “Guide Dogs Can Lah!” organised by Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd. Celebrating the abilities and successes of persons with vision impairments, this event raised awareness about how persons with visual impairments live an independent life and how guide dogs help them to do so. Senior Minister of State for Ministry for Health & Ministry of Transport, Dr Lam Pin Mi, was present at the event.

The event was free and open to the public. Visitors could participate in a series of experiential activities simulating the daily life of a person with vision impairment. Talks on topics such as eye condition and guide dog demonstration were ongoing throughout the day as well.
This is the first time Guide Dogs Singapore is commemorating White Cane Day, and DPA sends its heartiest congratulations to an event well done! (more…)

DPA’s 30th AGM & Reunion Dinner

Posted: 27 September 2017

On 8th September, DPA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Reunion Dinner at the Singapore Pools Building. This was a rather exciting AGM as DPA ushered in new board members, including a new President. With its new board, DPA aims to continue its work in making Singapore more inclusive for people with different disabilities. The new board members are:

Mr Richard Kuppusamy – President

Ms Yee May Kuen Peggy Sarah – Vice-President

Mrs Tang Siew Ngoh – Hon. Secretary

Mr Michael Chin Yun Foong – Hon. Treasurer

Ms Sherena Loh – Asst. Hon. Treasurer (more…)

In The Making: A bridge to the youths, for the youths

Posted: 27 September 2017

In The Making (ITM) is a 6 months long dance program, tailored by Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) – a social enterprise, where youths including those at-risk or under financial assistance receive the chance to train under the close guidance of dedicated instructors. At the end of the 6 months, the program culminates towards a celebrated production on a mega stage – which will not only showcase their talents and abilities but more importantly, their moulded characters.

On 23 September, DCA presented its 7th installment of ITM titled “Mess(age) – Turning every mess into a message”, where they took the audience on a journey following the voices of the youths as they navigate through the different challenges and battles faced in their daily lives.

Now, what makes this year’s ITM different from previous years is their efforts to include students with disabilities from Mountbatten Vocational School! We speak to DCA’s Creative Director, Mr Xue Yong Zhi, to find out more about his training process with them. (more…)

Project Smile – Temasek Secondary School

Posted: 21 August 2017

We’re always thrilled to welcome student groups interested in volunteering and collaborating with us at DPA. So when 9 students from Temasek Secondary School recently approached us to run Project Smile, we were more than delighted to say yes!

Project Smile is a project with the simple aim of bringing smiles to the faces of persons with disabilities, while promoting inclusion and giving back to society.

The objective of the Project Smile Team was to develop a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities, with the hope of eventually promoting inclusion and gaining an increased confidence to effectively interact with persons with disabilities. Hence, their first step was to schedule a site recce and consultation at the DPA office to better understand and explore how we can collaborate together to make this happen. (more…)

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