Fundraising Flag Day 2007

Posted: 16 June 2007

DPA participated in the Flag Day held on 16 June 2007. With 1,750 student volunteers helping the Association raise funds , DPA collected a total of S$48, 458.63.

The Association thanks everyone who helped in the collection, especially the schools and and their students. Without their assistance, this event could not have been successful.

Lee Hee Ah’s “Message of Hope and Harmony” Korean Concert

Posted: 23 March 2007

Organised by Hannah Press,a local Korean Newspaper, the concert aimed to reach out to the local and Korean in Singapore to support a good cause. Ms. Lee, who is a person with disability, performed a solo piano recital at the Victoria Concert Hall on the 23rd of March 2007.  (more…)

International Visits from Disability Organisations from Japan and Vietnam 2006-2007

Posted: 6 March 2007

DPA hosted a visit from the Association for the Welfare of the Physically-Disabled People in Okinawa, Japan on 4 September 2006. This Association had conducted study tours for disabled people in Okinawa since 1996. It had sent its delegates, which consisted of people with different disabilities and their caregivers, to DPA, on an exchange program on facilities and infrastructure and social welfare programs. (more…)

Cents from Heaven 2006

Posted: 31 December 2006

The objective of Cents from Heaven 2006, held from June to December 2006, was to organise a collection of five-cents coins for DPA. This project comprised two aspects-a house-to-house collection and internal collection in companies and schools. Response was positive as a total of 9 schools, 26 companies and 50 individuals participated.

Advocacy and IT Initiatives 2006

Posted: 31 December 2006


DPA has been championing people with disabilities (PWDs) in the press in the past half year. From September to March, we had a total of ten letters published in the press, that advocated various pertinent issues such as the barrier-free access on the Web, the accessibility of transport, rights of athletes with disabilities, the issue of Tiger Airways and accessible airline facilities and the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy issue. (more…)

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