Singapore Disability Information on Barrier Free Accessibility

There are a number of websites providing support and information about disability in Singapore and sometimes this can get somewhat confusing. What follows is a quick guide and list of the main disability resources in Singapore. If what you are looking for is not listed below please feel free to contact us at: or +65 6791 1134.

Click here to download a chart providing a general overview of the disability agencies that are in charge of funding and oversight of disability services in Singapore.

SG Enable is a one-stop information and resource website for:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Persons seeking information on services for persons with disabilities
  • Caregiver support
  • Service providers and people working in the disability sector
  • The public at large or students wanting to know about disability support schemes and services
  • Car park label for people with physical disabilities/mobility issues
  • To report misuse/abuse of car park label for people with disabilities
  • Grants and schemes for persons with disabilities

LTA Transport Concession Scheme:

From 6 July 2014, Persons with Disabilities can apply for a concession card that entitles them to 25% discount off adult fares on bus and rail services and they have the option of buying a Monthly Concession Pass (MCP). For more information about how to apply, please click here. 

List of wheelchair-accessible public bus services can be found here.

To learn more about accessible features for persons with disabilities travelling by bus, train or taxi, click here.

There are a number of organizations that offer transportation services to persons with disabilities:

Organization/Company Description Website
CareWheeler Transportation
Caring Fleet Transportation
Handicaps Welfare Association Transportation
Silveray Transport Services Transportation (24 hours)

Ecommuter MI is a mobile and web system that matches mobility impaired commuters with current available transportation options for their commuting needs, encompassing a volunteer’s platform to offer them a free of charge rides. For more details, visit their website at   or contact Amir at  +65  9825 2400.

Voluntary Welfare Organizations

Agency for Integrated Care
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) was formed as an independent corporate entity under MOH Holdings (MOHH) in 2009 to look into the enhancement and integration of Long-Term Care sector.

Association for Persons with Special Needs
An organization that aims to equip persons with special needs or mild intellectual disabilities, through best practices in education, training and support services, for open employment and life-long learning, in partnership with our stakeholders and the community.

Autism Association Singapore
This association initiates, organizes and supports the provision of a broad spectrum of services for people with autism in Singapore. Such services include educational, vocational and life skills training and residential care.

Autism Resource Centre
This organizations aims to help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder maximize their potential in life through advocacy and provision of services in education, employment and empowering of family caregivers / professionals. This centre provides employment services for people with autism.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (formerly the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore)
This organization aims to be a leading regional centre to assist persons with Cerebral Palsy, helping them to realise their full potential and to lead a life with respect. The organization also wants to provide its clients with professional, innovative, quality service and support in the areas of early intervention, special education, vocational training and social integration and create awareness and advocate access to all opportunities for persons with Cerebral Palsy.

They run multiple services such as the Sensory Processing and Integrating Clinic, Speech and Language Pathology Department, Assistive Technology Clinic, Audiology Clinic and Feeding and Swallowing Clinic. Visit their website to look at more services offered by CPAS.

Down Syndrome Association
An association that provides education and support services as well as enrichment programmes for both children and adults with down syndrome.

Dyslexia Association Singapore
This association provides a variety of educational and support services for persons with dyslexia in Singapore.

Handicaps Welfare Association
A large association that runs a number of services including training schemes, transportation as well as employment services for persons with physical disabilities.

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled
An organization that caters to the needs of persons with intellectually disabilities by providing a comprehensive range of educational, social, vocational and psychological services for both children and adults with intellectual disabilities. They also provide employment services for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Muscular Dystrophy Association
A self-help organization committed to uplift the lives of people with Muscular Dystrophy.

Rainbow Centre
The Centre runs two Special Education schools and two Early Intervention Programme centres at their Margaret Drive School campus and Yishun Park School campus for children with special needs.

Singapore Association for the Deaf
The national association for the deaf and hard of hearing.

(these)abilities designs and builds products that level the playing field  for persons with disabilities at work, at home and during play. They provide consultancy services to various entities such as corporates, disability-related VWOs and Government agencies.

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped
The national association for those who have low vision or are visually impaired.

An association that has offers services that include rehabilitation, employment, training, education, consultation and assessment in assistive technology, day care, and social service support for persons with physical disabilities.

Very Special Arts Singapore 

An organisation that provides people with disabilities with opportunities to access the arts for rehabilitation and social integration.

Government Agencies Related to Disability

National Council of Social Services
NCSS leads and coordinates the social service sector in Singapore. NCSS engages voluntary welfare organizations to identify service gaps, and enable them to pioneer new programmes and set best practice guidelines.

NCSS has launched a page dedicated to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and what it means in the Singapore context. On that page you will find summaries of the CRPD, the national plan to implement the Convention called the Enabling Masterplan as well as a calendar of disability related events.

Commissioner of Charities – Charity Portal
The Charities Unit’s vision is to develop a well-governed and thriving charity sector with strong public support. It does this by undertaking enforcement action on errant charities, conducting field visits to charities and IPCs, providing secretariat support to the Charity Council to promote good governance and best practices in the charity sector and developing and reviewing policies to develop the charity sector.

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
MSF is the Government ministry that deals with the development of families, social services and social safety nets.

SG Enable
SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. It seeks to assist persons with disabilities and their caregivers so they can empower themselves via timely access to information and referral services, grants and support, as well as enhanced employment and employability options.

Special Education

The education of children with disabilities of school-going age is provided in special education (SPED) schools. The schools run different programmes catering to distinct disability groups of children who are unable to benefit from mainstream schooling. Read more…

Employment Assistance

There are a number of Voluntary Welfare Organizations that provide employment services for people with disabilities, but you should contact SG Enable first. Please see below for other organisations you can contact in addition to SG Enable.  See below to determine which is the most suitable for your needs:

Autism Resource Centre


Centre for Physically Challenged

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Down Syndrome Association

Movement For The Intellectually Disabled Of Singapore

Open Door Programme
Please go to this link to find out more about how to apply for the Open Door Programme funding, a Government fund that helps any additional costs of preparing your work environment for the employment of a person with disabilities.

Singapore Association For The Deaf

Singapore Association Of The Visually Handicapped


Touch Silent Club

Assistive Devices

Find out how assistive devices aid students with sensory impairments overcome obstacles to help them learn better and more easily –

SPD has an online information resource designed for teachers, therapists and other professionals who work with individuals with disabilities and looking for Assistive Technology solutions to enable them to function effectively in work, school and everyday life. It also features a blog and a framework of practice to guide the assistive technology implementation process. Visit SPD’s Inclusive Technology Portal at :

There are a number of organizations and companies that sell or loan assistive devices to people in Singapore as well as visiting tourists:

Organization/Company Description Website
Disability Needs + Rehab Specialist (DNR) Selling and rental of assistive devices
Handicaps Welfare Association Loan of mobility aids and driving lessons for the disabled
Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre Collection, repair and recycling of mobility equipment
Rehab Mart Selling and rental of assistive devices
Senior Care Selling of mobility aids
Accessibility in Buildings and Public Spaces

For information on the Code on Barrier-free Accessibility that all new buildings much adhere to, please visit DPA sits on the review committee for this code so if you have any accessibility feedback, please e-mail

Trying to find out how accessible a hotel, shopping mall or other public space is?
The Built Environment Portal has a search engine that enables users to look for a disabled-friendly building or space. This feature is useful for persons with disabilities, especially tourists who are looking for accessible hotels/resorts, shopping centres and places of interests/leisure in Singapore. Please click the following link:


ACLS Medical Training has curated a list of more than 30 different educational scholarships for individuals with disabilities. These scholarships are open to international students attending graduate schools in the United States, and are also available to U.S. residents studying at any accredited universities in Singapore. To find out more, click here:

Invisible Disabilities

To know more about support groups, fundings and schemes available for people with invisible disabilities, please click here.