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Issue 2, July - Sept 2013

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What's New

DPA Goes Big On Social Media

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Towards Inclusive And Respectful Disability Terminology In Our Media 

DPA is starting a new fortnightly column of sorts, titled “What It Should Have Been”. Named after the corrections section traditionally found in newspapers, it will compile all instances of inappropriate words/terms used to describe people with disabilities that appeared in print – whether online or on hard copy – over the preceding two weeks. 

We very much welcome contributions and feedback from members. And if you come across a case of improper, disrespectful or offensive language used to describe people with disabilities in  local media, blogs or publications, just email the details – citing the source, date, usage issue/context – to advocacy@dpa.org.sg

For more on this initiative and to read the first “What It Should Have Been” compilation, please click here.

Aboard the Lord Nelson

Twelve Singaporeans, including people with disabilities and their non-disabled friends and family, embarked on an unique 7-day-6-night adventure at sea from 29 May to 3 June 2013. Two of DPA’s members, Logaraj and Jim Bek, were also among the crew. Ong Shi Yi, one of the Singaporean crew members on the Lord Nelson, kindly granted DPA an interview. 

Shi Yi shares about her adventure on “Nelly” (the nickname of the Lord Nelson) on which the crew sailed to Tioman Island, what it was like in a typical day of a sailor, how the Lord Nelson is barrier-free, and her post-voyage understanding and thoughts of what being inclusive truly means. 

Read the full write-up and interview on DPA’s blog.

Ecommuter MI

Disabled People’s Association would like to introduce you to Ecommuter MI, which is a mobile and web system that matches mobility impaired commuters with current available transportation options for their commuting needs, encompassing a volunteer’s platform to offer them a free of charge rides.

“A virtual transportation hub for the Mobility Impaired.

 A novel flexible volunteering opportunity, capturing the hectic modern lifestyle”  

If you are interested in this new and interesting system there are two ways to get involved, either as a volunteer driver or as a user.  Click here for more information.

Green Man+

What Green Man+ is:

Green Man + is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to address the needs of elderly pedestrians and persons with disabilities who may require more time to cross the road. Elderly pedestrians and PWD can expect up to 13 seconds more of green man time when they make use of signalized pedestrian crossings fitted with the Green Man +.  Click here for more information.

Advocacy Initiatives

Inclusion Fundamentals Second Session

DPA successfully held a second session of Inclusion Fundamentals Workshop on Tuesday 09 July 2013.  This workshop is designed to provide participants basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments.  

9 people from the following organisations attended the session on 09 July 2013: 

  • Sodexo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • SG Enable
  • Singapore National Employers Federation
  • Handicaps Welfare Association
  • Learning Beyond Pte Ltd
  • Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled (BYSD)
  • Disabled People’s Association 

DPA continues to receive positive feedback from participants.  89% of the participants rated their overall assessment of the workshop as ‘good’ and 11% rated ‘very good’. 

The element that the participants most enjoyed was the interaction and learning from each other.  

“The knowledge, experience and contacts from different social groups that will be useful for my company in terms of reaching out to potential candidates from the agencies.” 

“Exchange of views and group discussion format.” 

“Hearing about other organisations’ approach.” 

Since May 2013, 19 people have attended Inclusion Fundamentals workshop.  The responses from participants have been positively encouraging.  This workshop provides participants a deeper understanding of inclusion in our society, home life and at work places.  We hope to share this learning journey with as many individuals and organisations as possible.  

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 20 August 2013 at DPA’s office.  If you are interested in finding out more about Inclusion Fundamentals, please click here

Inclusion Fundamentals Launch Session

Inclusion Fundamentals – Workshop on Development of an Inclusive Service, is designed to provide participants basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments.  To launch this workshop, a special session was held on 28 May 2013 with a small selection of participants. Click here for more information.

Access to Banking Services Survey

The Disabled People’s Association (DPA) conducted an Access to Banking Services Survey in early 2013. This survey aimed to assess barriers and/or difficulties people with disabilities may experience whilst accessing banking services. The findings of this survey were published on Thursday 25 April 2013. The full survey report was launched at a seminar held at DPA’s office on the same day. 

A copy of the Banking Services survey report can be download here. Paper copies of the survey report can be obtained from DPA’s office.

35 people including DPA’s staff and members, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO) partners, representatives from Banking Services, government officials and individuals with disabilities attended the Access to Banking Services Seminar. In early 2013, DPA conducted a survey on accessibility of banking services for people with disabilities.  On 25th April 2013, DPA shared the findings of the survey at a seminar with its members and representatives from banking services.  Click here for more information.

DPA Members Event

Members Outing Gardens by the Bay Trip 29 May 2013

Gardens by the Bay invited Disabled People’s Association (DPA) for a half day trip to the Gardens on Wednesday 29 May 2013. 25 members attended and were treated to a guided tour around the Cooled Conservatories (the Flower Dome & Cloud Forest).

After the guided tour DPA provided lunch for all attendees and then members were given the opportunity to explore the gardens with their friends and family. 

Ms Halipa Ahmad, DPA’s Admin Assistant, led this member’s event and had this to say about the Gardens “The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest are what I imagine the Garden of Eden to be like”. She added that the DPA members really enjoyed this trip and she would like to visit the Gardens again as there are special exhibitions that change every few months. 

DPA would like to thank Gardens by the Bay for extending this greatly appreciated invitation to DPA. 

To view more photos, please click here. 

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