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Issue 4, Jan - Mar 2014

Dear Friends & Supporters 

Season's Greetings from Disabled People's Association!

What's New

ComChest Care

Community Chest has launched a new initiative, ComChest Care, today with their media partners. The aim of this initiative is to connect needy individuals and families in emergency or crisis (e.g. a family in dire straits after the sudden death of its sole breadwinner) to a lifeline and support via our network of VWOs. Community Chest aims to leverage on its strong contact with the media and VWOs to bring on a timely basis (within 48 hours) help needed by such people in emergency or crisis. 

As a community initiative, ComChest will include connection of help to all persons residing in Singapore, including citizens, permanent residents and foreigners. Members of the public can contact the ComChest Carer at 96653221.  More information on ComChest Care can also be found on comchest.sg/comchestcare

Advocacy Initiatives

Inclusion Fundamentals Fourth and Fifth Workshop 

Inclusion Fundamentals is a one-day workshop designed to provide participants basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments.  We are delighted that two more sessions of Inclusion Fundamentals were successfully held on 22 October and 26 November 2013 respectively.  

Ten people from the following organisations attended these two sessions:  (more…)

Tigerair Policy on Passengers with Disabilities

In response to feedback from clients and members of SADeaf and DPA regarding Tigerair’s policy on passengers with disabilities, staff of SADeaf, DPA and Tigerair held a meeting on 12 November to discuss these issues. 

It was a fruitful meeting for everyone, and did much to clear the air on the following matters. 

(For background information, please refer to Tigerair’s policy on passengers with disabilities at:

http://www.tigerair.com/sg/en/special_assistance_needs.php.)  (more…)

Talking About Disabilities, Celebrating Abilities!

The Disabled People’s Association’s “Let’s Talk About Disability” IDPD celebration was held over two days at the Jurong Point atrium on 15 and 16 November 2013. 

On the opening Friday, 15 November, we kicked off the celebrations with the opening of the booth exhibitions by various VWOs. Staff and volunteers were on hand to give information to members of the public who wish to find out more about the services and facilities provided. 

Here’re some Day 1 highlights:  (more…)

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