Governance & Accountability

DPA is registered with the Registry of Societies on 28 April 1986, under the Registration No. ROS 202/84 WEL. We are also registered with the Commissioner of Charities as a Charity under the Charities Act on 30 December 1998, under the Registration No. 1384. Our IPC status has been extended to 31 July 2019.

DPA adheres to the guidelines set out by the NCSS for all their charities. We report regularly to the NCSS as well as the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and work with both organizations, ensuring that we are accountable to all whom we serve.

Our Board of Management is made up of volunteers who share their time and expertise for the benefit of persons with disabilities. At all times the Board of Management has to be made up of a majority of persons with disabilities, with no more than four persons who do not have disabilities sitting on this board. They are elected to the Board and serve for a period of three years before a new Board is elected. All Board members are not paid any remuneration or director’s fees.

The responsibility of ensuring that DPA carries out its mission through its services rests with its Board of Management, led by the President. The board is in charge of policy making as well as identifying strategic directions for the organisation. The board is supported by five Committees that are tasked with ensuring that the board’s directions are carried out in the DPA’s advocacy work. Each committee is chaired by a board member and further comprises of other board members along with experts recruited from related fields.

Professional staff members carry out the day-to-day operations headed by DPA’s Executive Director, Dr Marissa Medjeral-Mills, and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Download the Constitution of DPA here.