Staff Contact List

Designation Nature of Enquiry Email address
Executive Director Collaborations with other VWOs, Government Agencies and any other Interested Parties ed(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Admin. Manager Tracking Donations and Tax-Deductible Receipts, Financial and Website/IT matters admin(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Training Consultant Student Projects and Collaborations, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Experiential Activity Workshops and Disability Awareness Talks training(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Advocacy Executive Advocacy and Awareness-Raising Initiatives, Research and Media/Press Enquiries. advocacy(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Community Engagement Executive Collaborations with Companies and Membership of DPA Supporters Club, Donor Opportunities and Community Partnerships engagement(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Programme Executive DPA Membership Application and Enquiries as well as Member Events and Training programme(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Receptionist General Enquiries info(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg


Designation Nature of Enquiry Email address
Community Engagement Executive New Sponsorship or Fundraising Opportunities and Enquiries engagement(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg
Fundraiser If you have already been contacted by DPA’s fundraising team fundraising(at)dpa[dot]org[dot]sg

To all students who are doing project work, conducting research or organising community service projects, please read these guidelines before you proceed further.