Floral Garage x Disabled People’s Association

Posted: 25 October 2018

Our members at Disabled People’s Association (DPA) were blessed with a floral arrangement workshop conducted by Floral Garage on 19th October! As part of their initiative to give back to society, Floral Garage organized a 1.5 hrs workshop where 12 of our members and their caregivers were treated to a wonderful time enjoying the hands-on activity at our premises.

With arms full of flower bundles, the room brightened up significantly the moment Grace and Michelle from Floral Garage arrived. After a quick round of ice breakers, the workshop began with an introduction of flower names such as Song of India, Cordyline, Eucalyptus and Purple Static. Colored papers in green and maroon were handed out, as volunteers assisted in soaking of the floral foam. Once this was ready, it was time to have some fun with the flowers! As different flowers were passed out, our participants were able to touch, look and smell them upclose. Grace not only patiently led all participants in designing and wrapping their base, but also through the art of floral arrangement, leaf manipulation, and techniques in stem cutting. (more…)

DPA AGM & Reunion Dinner 2018

Posted: 18 September 2018

On 7th September, DPA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Reunion Dinner at the Singapore Pools Building. After a quick welcome speech by DPA’s new President Mr Richard Kuppusamy, in which he shared more about DPA’s commitments in the upcoming year, the AGM was underway. The Chairperson of the AGM, Mrs Chang-Tang Siew Ngoh quickly went through the proceedings as there weren’t any issues raised by members.

Following the AGM, DPA commenced its Reunion Dinner which saw activities and games reminiscent of the Disco era with the theme “Disco Fever”. In keeping with the theme, DPA’s members came dressed to the nines! The Reunion Dinner also had performances by various dance groups, musical ensembles, and even a skit by our very own members! Members of DPA were also treated to a delicious buffet.
The photo booth was also a huge hit with members, volunteers and staff. (more…)

Rainforest Lumina @ Singapore Zoo, 29th June 2018

Posted: 18 September 2018

On 29th June 2018, DPA Members were invited to a closed door event at the Singapore Zoo. After a quick 50th birthday celebration where Singapore Zoo’s animal ambassadors – the Orang Utans – were presented with a basket of durians, our members were treated to a sumptuous dinner.

The volunteers and staff at the Singapore Zoo also took this time to learn more about how the zoo can be more inclusive.

Following this, the Rainforest Lumina was officially opened by Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing. The Rainforest Lumina boasted a spectacular night show of illumination, lights, and visually stunning graphics. While it did not have live animals, the light show depicted cartoon animals interacting with the physical surroundings!

It truly was a night to remember, and we look forward to many more events at the Singapore Zoo!

And Suddenly I Disappear… The Singapore ‘d’ Monologues
27 May 2018

Posted: 28 August 2018

Thanks to the SPH Foundation, DPA’s members had the opportunity of catching an afternoon of theatre at the National Museum of Singapore. On 27 May 2018, we spent the afternoon with the brilliant cast of And Suddenly I Disappear… The Singapore ‘d’ Monologues. This performance was a rather unique one at that, and included accessibility features such as captioning, calm lighting, and step-free access. We were also joined by students from the Intercultural Theatre Institute who engaged and interacted with our members. This performance set an important precedent as the first multilingual, intercultural, disability-led theatre project created between the UK and Singapore. It also aims to open up some much-needed discourse of disability in quality, accessible disability-led work, aspects never before featured in a home-grown Singaporean project. (more…)

kino kino – Film Screening and Discussion
19 May 2018

Posted: 28 August 2018

On 19 May, DPA hosted the soft launch of kino kino, an event series for community, cinema and philosophy. kino kino aims to promote inclusion and the love for cinema by using the magic of movies to hang out and discuss everyday matters of philosophy that are close to our lives.

The first movie screened was The Truman Show which stars Jim Carrey as an insurance salesman who discovers his entire life is actually a television show. After the screening, there was a casual discussion and exchange of ideas and stories amongst attendees. It was an engaging discussion that brought forth a multitude of ideas and perspectives from DPA’s members. Many of them found parallels between having a disability, and the challenges that the protagonist faced in the movie. A number of them also raised the importance of having accessibility features in the film that allowed everyone to enjoy the screening.

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