Glossary of Disability Terminology

To download the glossary of disability terminology, click here.

DPA’s Glossary of Disability Terminology lists terms that are related to disability with a short description and links to website for further information. 

The DPA would like to make the glossary as exhaustive as possible, but at the same time it is simply not possible to include every disability-related term in one publication. However, if you think DPA has missed out a term that you think should be included in this glossary or would like to suggest a correction please send your feedback to

Please Note: Disabled People’s Association (DPA) has updated and replaced the  Dictionary of Disability Terminology with the a new Glossary of Disability Terminology. The decision to move from a dictionary to a glossary format was made to ensure DPA’s publication’s keep up with the evolving needs of its audience. DPA believes that a glossary would be more user-friendly and accessible. The main difference between the older dictionary and this glossary is that the glossary focuses on the meaning and use of a disability-related term, rather than on how it is pronounced. In addition, DPA has taken out negative disability terminology from this glossary preferring to focus on more appropriate and positive terminology.