Flag Day made easier

TinTin is a tin and volunteer management system that helps organisers of flag days to shorten their preparation time by taking care of tedious administrative demands!

Supported by Disabled People's Association (DPA) and ThoughtWorks

TinTin takes care of these for you!

Before Flag Day

Set up stations and allocate tins to stations

Make use of registration forms for flagsellers to sign up

List of vounteers automatically compiled for you

During Flag Day

No more manual paper sign ups for walk-in flag sellers

Waiting time to collect tins significantly shorter

Track the status of tins through a dashboard

After Flag Day

Tin and volunteer data all digitally collated (e.g. volunteer hours)

Send thank-you certificates to all volunteers using your own custom certificate background

TinTin in action

Cost to use TinTin

Only hosting charges are charged to you, by the hosting company, direct to your credit card *

Hosting fees are at approximately SGD50/month

* This can be charged to an individual who is managing the flag day. If this is a concern, please contact DPA or indicate it in your request to use Project TinTin.


Before Flag Day

After Flag Day

VWOs TinTin has supported